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The mission of the Manhattan Hungarian Network is to foster a spirit of goodwill between Hungarians and Americans by strengthening cultural, economic and social ties between Hungary and the United States. Our aim is to create opportunities where young professionals can get to know each other and build a network of likeminded individuals; where business professionals can find partners for ventures that bridge the two countries; and where those interested in Hungarian cultural events and social activities can find one to their liking in New York City. We believe that a successful Network in New York City can serve as a model for similar groups in other parts of the country and around the world.

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The idea for this network was born in 2002 during ongoing discussions amongst a group of friends. With so many young professionals in Manhattan with substantial ties to both Hungary and the United States, there were surprisingly few options for social, cultural and business gatherings. In early 2003 this group took the opportunity to create a formal organization for young Hungarian and American professionals where they can come together and make new friends, network, and exchange ideas regularly in an informal, collegial setting.

What We Can Offer| Top |

Our vision is to be the first destination in New York City for young professionals coming from Hungary, for Hungarian-Americans, former Budapest ex-pats, and those who hold an interest in Hungary. By joining us you will be able to:

· Make new friends and network with people who share your interest in Hungary at regular happy hours
· Learn about current political, economic, business and cultural events through lectures and discussions with prominent Hungarians and Hungarian-Americans
· Access a wealth of useful websites with Hungarian connections
· Receive alerts to Hungarian events in the New York metro area
· Shape the Network and help to define additional roles as our community becomes larger

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Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

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