Wine Tasting Reception


Over 80 Manhattan Hungarian Network members were in attendance at the Wine Tasting. Attendees included Charles Vámossy, President of the Hungarian House, Dr. Balázs Somogyi, President of the Hungarian Cultural Society of Connecticut; fashion designer Marianne Novobátzky; Elizabeth Daly, Director, Office of the Mayor of New York; Mayors of Hungary, István Bors, Mayor of Tihany; Dr. Balázs Temesvári, Manager, Office of the Mayor of Veszprém; Dr. Imre Zsedényi, Governor of the County of Veszprém; László Veiland, Manager, Veszprém Tourism; translator Gustav Szabo; author Andras Koerner; organizers of the Reménység Ball, Zsuzsanna Somogyi and Paulette Layton; journalists Maria Muhi and Agnes Niemetz; Manhattan Hungarian Network Directors Elizabeth Vilmik and Erzsébet Karkus. Wines were supplied courtesy of István Flesch of Craftsman Wine.

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Wine Tasting Reception - May 26, 2005

Date : 2005-05-26
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Photo gallery : (05/26/2005) MHN Wine Tasting Reception

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