(2004-05-19) Taste of the Past: The Daily Life and Cooking of a Nineteenth-Century Hungarian Jewish Homemaker


Author and illustrator Andras Koerner has created an entertaining reconstruction of the daily life of his Hungarian Jewish great-grandmother Riza Baruch (1851-1938) and peppered this with 85 of her updated recipes. Just published by the University Press of New England, this is the first book to present the cooking of a 19th-century Jewish woman within the context of a description of her household and way of living.

Accompanied by projected images of his charming illustrations, Koerner will talk about small-town Jewish life in western Hungary, the process of adapting the old recipes for the modern cook, and, last but not least, he will offer cookies from the book.

Andras Koerner was born in Hungary, where he studied art and architecture. Since 1968 he has been practising architecture in New York City. Well-known cookbook authors, such as Joan Nathan, Maida Heatter, and George Lang have praised his book. According to George Lang: "This rich volume is a fusion of history, anthropology, and anecdotes. You don't have to be a Hungarian Jewish refugee like me in order to savor A Taste of the Past."

The Makor/Steinhardt Center, 35 West 67th Street ("Speaking of Food" series)

Wed., May 19th, 12-1 pm, Admission $15

Date : 2004-05-19
Time : 11:09 - 11:09

Photo gallery : no

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