Pre-Ball Reception and Press Conference to announce the landmark Grand Europe Ball and After Party Hosted by MHN -Waldorf Astoria - April 14, 2004


to announce the landmark event:

First time in New York City

Followed by "Europe on the Move"
After Hour Party for Young Professionals
Co-Hosted by the Manhattan Hungarian Network


Coinciding with the historic enlargement of the European Union (EU) to 10 new members, and celebrating a Europe “whole and free”, the first Grand Europe Ball will be held at the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on May 1, 2004.

The key goal of the Grand Europe Ball: to firmly convey the message, through this great event in New York, that the enlarged EU continues to attach the utmost importance to a mutually beneficial, cooperative and reliable partnership between Europe and the United States. Also, the enlarged EU will be a stronger and more capable partner for the US in responding to the challenges facing both sides of the Atlantic. The Grand Europe Ball aims to reinforce this on the basis of our common heritage, shared values and mutual aspirations for the good of our world and mankind. There is no reasonable alternative to a constructive Transatlantic relationship.

In this spirit, the Grand Europe Ball aims to promote better understanding between decision-makers in politics, business, arts and education, and between the people of the US and Europe. The key goal of the Ball is to convey the message that an enlarged European Union enhances the existing mutually beneficial partnership and trust between Europe and the United States. With all European Union Ambassadors and Consuls General expected to attend, The Grand Europe Ball promises to be an international occasion like none other. In addition to the impressive diplomatic presence and historic importance of the event, a diverse evening of entertainment will be provided.

On May 1st, 2004 the Grand Europe Ball will be held for the first time in New York City, because it's the perfect home for the Ball. New York is not only the home of the United Nations, it is also the home of many Americans with European ancestry.

George Lang, Dinner Co-Chair of the Ball, renowned New York restaurateur and writer expressed his enthusiasm for the event. Mr. Lang sees himself as a craftsman, who opened more than 200 restaurants all over the world, all different, and in 1990 he returned to Hungary to purchase, with his partner Ronald Lauder, the legendary Gundel restaurant in Budapest. He arrived to America in 1946 and eventually became also a passionate American. He feels that America was and still is the only place where if you want something, and you put work and time into it, you could make it. The very first job he held in New York was cleaning vegetables at Columbia University's restaurant, but eventually he got to the Waldorf and became the assistant banquet manager arranging banquet for Queen Elizabeth, among others.

Being a "great great father, son, cousin" of the Waldorf and to go back on May 1st on this unbelievable event has fabulous meaning for Mr. Lang, who strongly recommends to do everything you can to bring people to buy tables, seats to help the first Grand Europe Ball in New York to become an extraordinary success.

Elizabeth Vilmik, Director of the Manhattan Hungarian Network and Gala Chair talked of the importance of this historic occasion for the young professionals of Europe, who stand to gain most from this expansion through increased opportunities to work and study in EU member states.

Angel Carro Castrilla, Deputy EU Ambassador to the UN talked about the importance of this historic moment and urged everybody to participate actively celebrating enlargement of the European Union.

Charlie Kipps, script writer will perform the duties of the Master of Ceremony at the Grand Europe Ball NYC

Professor Volker R. Berghahn, Director of Institute for the Study of Europe History Department represented Columbia University at the reception. Columbia University will benefit from the Ball in recognition of the University's dedication to teaching European culture and history and also receiving European scholars and post-grads for various projects.


Date : 2004-04-14
Time : 22:12 - 22:12

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