European Dream Festival, New York (Sept 20 - Oct 31, 2006)




An unprecedented joint effort by twenty-three European countries brings the first annual European Dream Festival to New York City September 20-October 31, allowing thousands of New Yorkers to enjoy leading creative voices and cutting-edge artistic visions in performing arts, literature, and film from across a culturally expanding Europe.

Twenty-three prime New York cultural venues, such as theaters, cinemas, music clubs, universities and libraries have become partners of the festival and will present new European productions in dance, theater, music, film, literature, and bold new forms of cross-disciplines, including several U.S. premieres. In addition, panel discussions will compare cultural policies and practices in both continents.

The festival is supported by the European Union. A major grant from the EU Culture 2000 Program awarded to four New York based European cultural institutes, namely the Goethe-Institut, the French Institute Alliance Franšaise, the Italian Cultural Institute, and the Czech Center, is providing the initial support to launch the festival. Additional support comes from individual consulates and the private sector. Adrien Brody, Helena Christensen, Diane von Furstenberg and John Malkovich have become enthusiastic supporters of the festival.

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Europe is rapidly becoming more diverse and fragmented even as it moves towards greater unification. Reflecting these social and political changes, the currently active generation of European artists has built strong networks across the continent over the past decade. Many artistic teams no longer identify themselves by a specific nationality, but are European, as they work together across borders to create and present new work. The European Dream Festival focuses on these new voices, working in all artistic styles and in hybrid forms crossing many disciplines, which represent the scope and diversity of cultures that define Europe today. Culturally specific works will be featured, as will cutting-edge, cross-cultural and cross-border work that illustrates the cross-pollination effect of the union of states.

Date : 2006-09-20
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