Letter from Ambassador Nancy Brinker

May 1, 2004

Nancy G. Brinker

Dear Guests of the Grand Europe Ball and Dear Friends of Europe:

I am so sorry I will not be able to be with you this year to celebrate this momentous evening.

As former Ambassador from the United States to Hungary, I was deeply moved by the strength and endurance of our allied relationship with Hungary and other countries which became apparent to me as I served overseas for two years.

I was particularly proud of having the opportunity to at least help to facilitate and play a role in some of the programs that created a successful accession for Hungary into the European Union. And the realization, as Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy often said, „More Europe does not mean less America” was never more clear than during this time. As long time allies, I would like to reinforce the value of our common aspirations for the good of our world and mankind and the importance of continuing to construct a very solid Transatlantic relationship. The enlarged European Union will be a stronger and more capable partner of the United States in responding to the challenges facing both sides of the Atlantic.

The Grand Europe Ball will most certainly reinforce the basis of our common heritage, shared values and common inspirations for the good of our world and mankind.

In this spirit, it is my hope and I know the hope of many others that this becomes a regular event to promote better understanding between decision makers in polities, business, arts, education, and civil societies between the people of the United States and of Europe.

With kindest regards,

Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker

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