Message from Archduke György Habsburg for the Manhattan Hungarian Network and the Grand Europe Ball

May 1, 2004

Message from Archduke György Habsburg
Ambassador of Hungary for EU Integration

Today will, for eternity, mark the long desired reunification of Europe. As Dinner Co-Chair of the first Grand Europe Ball in New York, please accept my felicitation for celebrating this truly historic event with grandeur and rejoice.

I am deeply convinced that this historic enlargement of the European Union with ten new members will be an example reaching far beyond Europe: that the brighter future of mankind rests on close cooperation among nations. Integration constitutes the strongest guarantee for peace and security, opens new opportunities for progress, and enables to jointly benefit from globalization while neutralizing its negative impacts.

My family’s history has been that of Europe’s, thus I am glad and emotionally touched by its newly found unity. Europe had seen a tumultuous history throughout the ages and centuries. Rivalries lead to wars, totalitarian regimes evoked tragedies, right until the middle of the 20th century. But after World War II, it was wisely realized that only economic and political integration in Europe could offer peace, reconciliation and prosperity. And European integration has become an ever broadening and deepening success. It is based on our common heritage, and marks the democratic reunification of Europe by its nations, of its nations and for its nations.

For the nations in Central and Eastern Europe after the systemic change in 1990, even the prospect of joining the European Union helped the profound transformation into democracy and market economy. Their accession to the European Union eloquently demonstrates the successful completion of their aspirations

For me, the Grand Europe Ball in New York City also reaffirms that the reunification of Europe will open new perspectives for a firm Transatlantic alliance.


Ambassador György Habsburg

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