Ms. Zita Szatmary

Contact our Photo Manager in an email with your photo attached if you wish to see it in our website, if you would like to correct a mistake in a photo caption, or if you identified somebody in a picture noted unidentified ('x').

Photo upload conditions:

(1) The photograph should be in JPG format, 560x420 pixels, a thumbnail 80x60 pixels, in color.

(2) Preferably provide the names of the people in the picture, and the event the picture was taken at.

(3) We don't provide links, or mention the name of the photographer on our website.

(4) A submission means that the submitter acknowledges that given the nature of the World Wide Web, the Manhattan Hungarian Network cannot control access to these pictures. The submitter does not wish to maintain any copyright of the picture(s).

(5) The submitter agrees that the purpose of the submission is to promote social bonding of and provide entertainment for the friends of the Manhattan Hungarian Network and in no form wishes to use this activity to solicit or promote any kind of business.


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