Can you advertise my event?

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It is our policy not to send mass emails to our membership list about non-MHN events. However, if you are planning an event that you would like our list to know about, please forward a brief description about the event to by email. If approved by the MHN board, we will list the event on the bulletin board section of our web-site.

This is a Hungarian organization. Why is everything in English?

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We have many members of Hungarian descent who may not master the Hungarian language well enough to use it as the primary medium of communication. In addition, there are many American members who are simply interested in Hungary. We want to make sure that everyone understands every bit of the communication in this community.

I'm an AOL user and I don't get your emails. What shall I do?

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AOL has recently installed a very (some people say too) powerful spam (unsolicited email) filtering software. Some messages are blocked at the AOL central server, some at the individual AOL account holder's computer.
The MHN talked to the AOL 'Postmaster' and upon reviewing our activities, AOL decided we can go through the central server, and included the domain in their exception list. One barrier is down!
However, you have to make sure your individual AOL settings don't block our mailings. If you set up mail filtering, please make sure, you include our domain, as an exception, otherwise you'll have to do without our emails!

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